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5 Causes Why Your Air Conditioner Is Always Operating


Now that we’re knee-deep in summer time, it looks like the one reprieve from the warmth and humidity is inside our cool, climate-controlled properties. Your air conditioner will be the solely factor that stands between you and sweating in your front room, however do you know that air conditioners should not designed to run consistently?

In reality, in case your air conditioner by no means shuts off, it might be an indication of one among these 5 issues.

1. Your air filter is clogged.

Relating to your air conditioner’s effectivity, circulation is essential. With out it, all of the mud and particles in a grimy air filter maintain your air conditioner from receiving the airflow it wants to chill successfully after which flip off.

Change your filter based on the producer’s instructions, normally as soon as each 30 to 90 days, for optimum airflow. 

Bonus: A clear air filter will maintain mud and allergens from infiltrating your home. A clogged filter prevents correct air circulation by the HVAC system. The evaporator coil can solely soak up sufficient warmth from the air with ample airflow. Consequently, the air conditioner can not attain the set temperature and disengage.

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To maintain your system working effectively, examine and change soiled filters as soon as a month throughout peak cooling season. Use the MERV score system to pick out optimum filtration that balances mud elimination with airflow. 

2. You’re working low on refrigerant.

Your air conditioner requires refrigerant to chill the evaporator coils. As your unit ages, leaks are more likely to develop, inflicting refrigerant ranges to drop. In some circumstances, these leaks are sluggish sufficient that recharging your refrigerant stage is all it takes to enhance your air conditioner’s cooling capability.

The refrigerant circulates by the condenser and evaporator coils to soak up and launch warmth. With low refrigerant, the cycle can not effectively decrease the temperature. The evaporator coil will likely be barely heat fairly than chilly, stopping your thermostat from reaching the set temperature and shutting off the air conditioner.

Whereas refrigerant leaks are widespread as AC methods age, they will additionally point out severe issues like a defective evaporator, condenser, or compressor. Have an HVAC technician consider refrigerant ranges and establish any underlying points, similar to leaking evaporator coils.

3. Your private home lacks insulation.

Your private home consistently positive factors warmth from exterior sources such because the solar, close by equipment, and automotive engines. Correct insulation creates resistance to warmth circulate and helps your house keep temperate. With insufficient insulation, it takes extra work to your air conditioner to beat warmth infiltration and obtain the specified indoor temperature.

In case your air conditioner is continually working, examine insulation ranges round your house, particularly within the attic. Then, replace outdated or lacking insulation for optimum power effectivity. Guarantee insulation achieves the really helpful R-value to your local weather zone. You’ll be able to even tint home windows or set up heat-reflective movie to dam photo voltaic warmth acquire.

4. You may have air leaks in your ductwork.

Leaky ducts power your air conditioner to work time beyond regulation to chill your house. Sealing ducts is an economical approach to increase AC effectivity. Examine accessible ducts for detachments, gaps, kinks, or punctures. Additionally, examine connections at vents and registers and use mastic sealant or metallic tape to patch leaks.

Think about hiring an HVAC technician to carry out a duct stress take a look at for inaccessible ducts. They are going to seal all vents besides one, then use specialised gear to examine for leaks as air flows into the ducts. This course of permits them to isolate and restore hidden leaks you can’t entry alone.

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5. Soiled Coils, Condenser or Ducts

Nobody expects their automotive to run with out an oil change, however we generally really feel like our air conditioners ought to run and not using a common tune-up.

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Common HVAC upkeep is one of the best ways to make sure your unit runs as effectively as potential. Soiled coils, a grimy condenser, or clogged ducts can contribute to an air conditioner that consistently runs with out utterly cooling your house.

Thankfully, the answer is so simple as having a specialist carry out an HVAC tune-up earlier than summer time. They’ll clear the areas of your air conditioner most prone to dust and suggest any obligatory repairs that can assist you keep away from mid-summer meltdowns. Addressing any of those points can prolong the lifetime of your air conditioner and maintain you cool all summer time.

So, Is an Air Conditioner Operating Always At all times a Downside?

An air conditioner that by no means shuts off is normally an indication of an underlying challenge that wants consideration. Figuring out and rapidly addressing issues will restore cooling effectivity and forestall system failure.

Nevertheless, it’s regular to your air conditioner to run many of the day throughout stretches of intense warmth. I like to recommend setting your thermostat at a average temperature as a substitute of a maximally chilly setting to keep away from overworking the unit. Guarantee your house’s insulation, home windows, and ducts are optimized to cut back pointless warmth acquire. Additionally, change filters often and have an HVAC technician carry out seasonal upkeep to maintain your air conditioner working at peak efficiency when wanted.

FAQs About Air Conditioners Operating Always

Why does my air conditioner freeze up?

A frozen evaporator coil signifies low refrigerant ranges or decreased airflow. Lack of refrigerant or airflow prevents the coil from absorbing sufficient warmth, resulting in ice formation. Have an HVAC technician examine the refrigerant cost and system airflow.

How can I inform if my AC points are severe?

Warning indicators of great AC issues embody unusual smells, smoke, soiled air discharge, frequent fuse-blowing, or loud noises from the unit. Should you discover these points, shut off your air conditioner instantly and speak to an HVAC skilled.

Ought to I restore or change my air conditioner?

Think about alternative in case your AC unit is over ten years outdated and experiences frequent breakdowns. Newer AC items are considerably extra power environment friendly, saving you cash on power payments every month. Reference our information on the price of a brand new unit.

What upkeep can I do myself?

DIY upkeep contains month-to-month inspecting and altering air filters, cleansing particles from out of doors AC items, and trimming crops and branches blocking out of doors items. HVAC technicians ought to deal with any duties involving refrigerant, electrical work, or ducts.

How typically ought to my AC be serviced?

HVAC specialists suggest skilled tune-ups earlier than peak cooling season, usually within the spring. Technicians examine refrigerant ranges, electrical parts, condenser and evaporator coils, drain traces, and total efficiency. I like to recommend a fall tune-up to prep the system for winter.


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