Friday, December 8, 2023

Air Fryer vs. Convection Toaster Oven: Which Ought to You Purchase?


For these not acquainted, air frying is simply convection baking, well rebranded (and with the ability amped up a bit). So any oven with convection works the identical manner as an air fryer: A fan circulates scorching air across the meals, crisping the skin in a manner that mimics deep-frying (although the outcomes are typically drier and fewer flavorful than deep-frying with oil).

In contrast with pod-shaped air fryers, air fryer toaster ovens and convection toaster ovens are much more versatile—they will sort out the whole lot from toast to desserts (each of which the pods are likely to dry out), and make bigger batches of issues like crispy air-fried wings. However relying in your life-style and wishes, you could choose a pod-shaped air fryer or perhaps a common old-school toaster oven with out convection. Right here’s what these machines can do, at a look:

A chart showing how air fryers and toaster ovens compare.
Supply: Wirecutter Employees

When you’re nonetheless unsure which equipment is best for you, learn our extra detailed breakdown beneath.


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