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Clamp it like Krenov – FineWoodworking


My faceted glass door in FWW #306 (“A Riff on the Faceted Glass Door“) is a relatively advanced construct with plenty of angles and aspects. That’s what makes it so engaging, however glue-up could be a little bit of a problem. One explicit approach for gluing the thick facings to the solid-wood core is proven right here.

Gluing the dealing with to the core of the faceted rails is straightforward, and there’s a nice tip I discovered from James Krenov for tightening up the mitered joints. As soon as a passable joint has been achieved, the tip facings shall be situated with small brads earlier than gluing. An try to clamp the joint tight would, at greatest, be awkward. To realize a tight-fitting miter, Jim’s resolution was to put a strip of index card inventory on the core, close to the joint. He then positioned the tip dealing with, pushing towards the joint by hand, and when glad, clamped the dealing with. Within the waste space of the inventory, he drilled for 2 brads that function indexes for gluing. The cardboard strip forces the joint finish of the dealing with to be a bit of excessive. When the cardboard is slipped out, the joint will tighten because the dealing with is clamped to the core. Pull the brads, apply glue to the core, exchange the brads, and clamp. Trim to size when the glue has dried.

Glue the middle piece in place first.  Start by clamping the tip side dealing with to find the middle dealing with. Then dry-clamp the opposite finish dealing with earlier than gluing the middle. As soon as the middle piece is dry, you may glue the ends to it one by one.

Shim it up. Putting the shim below the dealing with close to the joint. The small discrepancy created exaggerates the size of the dealing with, guaranteeing a good last match.

Set the tip in place. With the shim in place, push the joint as tight as potential by hand and set the finding wire nails.

Apply glue. Take away the shim and apply glue, staying shy of the tip joint.

Re-locate the dealing with. utilizing the beforehand established nail reference holes. Clamp the joint utilizing a caul to distribute clamp stress.


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