Monday, December 11, 2023

Contact engineering for 2D Janus MoSSe/steel junctions


The flourish of two-dimensional (2D) supplies offers a flexible platform for constructing high-performance digital gadgets within the atomic thickness regime. Nonetheless, the presence of the excessive Schottky barrier on the interface between the steel electrode and the 2D semiconductors, which dominates the injection and transport effectivity of carriers, all the time limits their sensible purposes. Right here, we present that the Schottky barrier will be controllably lifted in heterostructure consisting of Janus MoSSe and 2D vdW metals by totally different means. Based mostly on density useful idea calculations and machine studying modelings, we studied {the electrical} contact between semiconducting monolayer MoSSe and varied metallic 2D supplies, the place a crossover from Schottky to Ohmic/quasi-Ohmic contact is realized. We demonstrated that the band alignment on the interface of the investigated metal-semiconductor junctions (MSJs) deviates from the perfect Schottky-Mott restrict due to the Fermi-level pinning results induced by the interface dipoles. Apart from, the impact of the thickness and the utilized biaxial pressure of MoSSe on the digital construction of the junctions are explored and located to be highly effective tunning knobs for electrical contact engineering. It’s highlighted that, utilizing the sure-independence-screening-and-sparsifying-operator machine studying methodology, a normal descriptor Wm3/exp(Dint) was developed which allows the prediction of the Schottky barrier top for various MoSSe based mostly MSJ. These outcomes present worthwhile theoretical steering for realizing supreme Ohmic contacts in digital gadgets based mostly on the Janus MoSSe semiconductors.


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