Friday, December 8, 2023

Dial calipers as planer depth gauge


Many planers, together with my DeWalt DW735, have an on-board depth gauge. These learn in 1⁄32-in. increments at finest. Eager to make rather more exact thickness adjustments, for jobs like becoming slip tenons into mortises, I discovered a manner to make use of my digital calipers to trace adjustments. All I needed to do was glue a wooden block to the underside of the thickness scale. Now, whereas adjusting the peak of the cutterhead, I maintain my digital calipers so the tip of the physique rests on the planer’s depth-scale indicator. Then I prolong the calipers’ depth rod till it hits the wooden block, zero out the calipers, and regulate up or down from there. Form the block to higher match the floor, and connect it with hot-melt glue. Clear the components with alcohol for a great bond, and ensure the block is stage. Some of us obtain an identical consequence by attaching their calipers to the planer with magnets, however the plastic housing on my DeWalt planer received’t permit that.

—GABE BRISSON, Livermore, Calif.

Illustrations by Dan Thornton
From Fantastic Woodworking difficulty #307


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