Saturday, December 2, 2023

Microelectromechanical system for in-situ quantitative testing of tension-compression asymmetry in nanostructures

This paper presents a novel on-chip microelectromechanical system (MEMS) that may notice in-situ quantitative mechanical testing of nanostructures underneath tension-compression capabilities. The machine integrates pressure and compression electrostatic actuators with reverse driving orientations in a help system, enabling environment friendly dimension discount whereas retaining actuation capabilities. Mechanical properties of three sorts of nanostructures fabricated utilizing centered ion beam (FIB) strategies have been investigated with the introduced on-chip testing system. Outcomes declare that Pt nanopillars and C nanowires seem plastic deformation habits underneath pressure take a look at, with common Younger’s moduli of 70.06 GPa and 58.32 GPa, respectively. Within the compression take a look at, the Pt nanopillar exhibited in-plane buckling habits with a yield energy of 912 MPa and Younger’s modulus of 68.81 GPa. The C nanowire displayed 3D twisting habits with a most pressure of 25.47%, indicating distinctive flexibility. Furthermore, the uneven habits of the C nanospring is revealed throughout 5 loading-unloading tension-compression deformation exams. This on-chip MEMS machine affords a promising answer for mechanical testing of nanostructures, with potential purposes in nanotechnology analysis.

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